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Why a Metal Building is Probably Perfect for Your Needs

By October 31, 2016 No Comments

Modern metal buildings, like the ones available from Jag Metals in Weatherford, are a great alternative to almost any kind of traditional building. They’re more affordable, they’re easily expandable, and they could reduce your insurance premiums.

Metal Buildings are Affordable

Compared to the cost of a traditional, wood-frame building, a metal building is very affordable. This is due to several reasons: first, because metal is much stronger and more durable than wood or plastic it can be made in thinner which cuts down on material cost and the cost of transportation. Second, while there is still a lot of work required to form the metal sheeting that metal buildings are made from, much of the materials used are recycled which cuts down on costs.

When you purchase a metal building you only have to hire one contractor to put it together. With a wood-framed building there are usually three or more subcontractors who are needed to complete the construction of your building, including someone to do the framing, someone to roof the building, and a masonry contractor. Not only does having more than one contractor cost more, but it also leads to problems if one of them is behind or ahead of schedule. With a metal building the construction process usually takes a lot less time than with other styles of building. Your metal building can be put up in days or several weeks instead of the months that other buildings can take.


Say you’re using a metal building as an aircraft hangar, garage, or covered horse riding arena and you want to expand the building to allow for more storage or room to ride. With a traditional building this would require tons and tons of work. Not only would you need to lay a new foundation, but you would also need to have a completely new frame built that stands separate from your existing frame. With a metal building the process is much simpler: pour a foundation then order and build more frames to expand an existing building at the front or back, or if you’re building off to the side of a pre-existing building, just order everything you need for the size of the expansion then cut doors or add breezeways.

Reduce Your Insurance Costs

Because a metal building is much more resistant to damage from termites and extreme weather conditions than buildings made of other materials, you might be able to save a fair amount of money on your insurance premiums if you replace older buildings with metal buildings. Check with your provided to find out what the current rates for metal buildings are, and if they don’t offer you enough savings then you can check and see if another company can offer you better savings.

If all of these reasons make sense to you and you want to get started on your new metal building, contact us at Jag Metals as soon as possible. We’re here to answer any of your questions, and we can also provide a consultation if you’re at that point in the process.

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