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Metal Buildings Make Great Homes

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When most people think of metal buildings they think about flimsy sheds or dozens of warehouses in industrial districts lined up in perfect rows and indistinguishable from one another. While this might have been true in the past, this isn’t the way that engineered metal buildings are constructed today. Thanks to advances in metal sheeting technology, today’s metal buildings not only look better, but the materials are also much stronger, more resistant to rust and corrosion, and are engineered so that every part of the building works perfectly together, from panels to bolts to columns.

The Benefits of an Engineered Metal Building

What exactly does the “engineered” in engineered metal building mean? When engineered is used in this context it means that every single part of the building was designed by an engineer who understands how to design a building that can handle a specific load (live, dead, snow, wind, etc.). All the components that go into an engineered building have been chosen because they will withstand all of the forces that will be placed on them either by the actual construction of the building or the forces acting on it after it is built.

This is different from a traditional home because an engineer is very rarely brought in to design a home. The skill and experience of the contractor framing a wood home is just about the only guarantee you have of structural integrity. So if you’re going that route, you want to be absolutely certain that you’re hiring the best of the best.

Metal Buildings Can Be Built Quickly

Compared to traditional wood-framed buildings, metal buildings can be built quite quickly. Once the system is engineered, fabricated, and shipped, it just needs to be bolted together. This means that the builder can then concentrate on building the inside of the home without worrying about the elements interfering with work. In this way it’s almost the reverse of a wood-frame home where the interior framing must be completed before walls can be built.

It’s Easier to Make Changes to the Interior of a Metal Building

Because the walls of a metal building are not load-bearing (the weight of a metal building is beared by the frame and usually doesn’t require extra columns thanks to the sizes of most homes) you can easily make changes to the interior of your building, either now or in the future. This flexibility is really nice to have because it allows your home to be adjusted based on need — you don’t have to make yourself fit a home, it fits you.

Your Metal Building Will Last Longer

Metal lasts longer than wood and plaster. It’s a stronger material that stands up to the elements better than wood, and it’s naturally termite resistant. A metal building is also more environmentally friendly. No trees are being cut down, and most of the material used to construct an engineered metal building come from recycled metal.

If you’re ready to find out if a metal building is right for you, call us at Jag Metals in Weatherford today. Or fill out our contact form with the specifics about your build, and we’ll get in touch about scheduling a consultation.

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