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Ventilation is Key in Metal Structures

By July 10, 2016 No Comments

Like all structures, metal buildings need proper ventilation in order to perform at their best. Without proper ventilation, the structure will start to have problems with moisture retention and condensation; this can damage both the building and anything stored in the building, as excessive moisture often leads to corrosive rust and damage. Further, in warmer weather, poorly ventilated buildings will become incredibly hot and unable to dissipate any excess heat. Adding proper ventilation is key in preserving the health of your metal building.


How Much Do You Need?

The amount of ventilation your building needs will depend on a few features:

  • Climate
  • Building size
  • Building shape
  • Use of building

These aspects determine just how climate controlled your building needs to be. For instance, a metal building used as a workspace and office housing electronics will need to be incredibly well ventilated to prevent moisture buildup and excessive heat from damaging the equipment. JAG Metals or your contractor will be able to assist you in estimating the proper ventilation for your building. Always have an experienced professional double check any calculations you perform.


Why Does it Matter?

Quite simply, all buildings need adequate insulation in order to prevent damage to the interior or the structure itself. If you have a completely climate-controlled building, you’ll need access to fresh air in order to maintain good indoor air quality and improve the overall function of your heating and cooling system. Further, some designs don’t allow for the installation of enough windows, making it imperative to incorporate an additional ventilation system.
If you’re considering building a custom metal building or simply wish to purchase an engineered building to add to your property, contact JAG Metals today. We’ll help you find the right building and ventilation options for your needs.

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