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Need Storage? Choose a Metal Structure!

By April 12, 2017 No Comments

Are you a homeowner or business owner who needs additional storage for your belongings? If you have the availability and clearance to erect a metal building on your personal or business property, steel structures are a great storage solution for many reasons. JAG Metals LLC is a local leader in providing high-quality metal buildings and steel structure components. If you’re considering a steel building for your storage needs, contact us today! In the meantime, we’ll discuss a few of the many benefits of using metal buildings for storage.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Metal buildings come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They can even be insulated and temperature-controlled to protect items that are sensitive to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Such items may include:

  • Plastic Goods
  • Memorabilia / Photographs
  • Electronics
  • Antiques
  • Cars
  • Alcohol

If your storage needs don’t require that the entire structure be climate-controlled, metal buildings are versatile enough to be constructed in a manner where only specific areas are temperature-controlled. So, if you have many belongings that require some kind of extra storage space, you can customize your new metal building to suit your storage needs accordingly.

Free and On-Site

Most self-storage options require a monthly payment to an offsite location. This is neither convenient nor cost-effective. With offsite storage, you also have to deal with loading and unloading items, as well as the drive time when you want to add or remove anything from storage. When you opt to place a metal building on your property for extra storage, your belongings are conveniently located on your own property for easy access. Additionally, you’ll save on the monthly expenses of off-site storage. With small storage units running approximately $50 per month, that can mean a savings of at least $600 per year in storage expenses. Before you know it, your steel storage structure will have paid for itself!


Everyone’s storage needs vary, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting, low-maintenance storage structure, a metal building from JAG Metals is sure to meet your needs. As we discussed in our previous article, metal buildings are a sustainable construction option for many reasons, including their longevity. Given the rigidity and strength of metal, you can be confident that your steel storage building and your stored items inside of it will not be damaged by water, wind, or fire. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about an insect infestation causing damage to your metal building because steel is impervious to insects such as termites. Additionally, traditional storage sheds may have shingles made from asphalt or other composite materials that simply cannot endure harsh weather conditions like steel can.

Metal buildings can serve many purposes for homeowners and business owners alike, including providing a versatile and durable storage solution that’s both convenient and inexpensive. If you’re considering a metal structure for your storage needs, contact JAG Metals! We’ll gladly discuss your individual needs and preferences for your new metal building. Our quality metal building and components come in a variety of colors that are sure to complement the existing home or office on your property. Give us a call today! We’d love to help you out!

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