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Steel Buildings: A Sustainable Building Option

By March 20, 2017 No Comments

With more and more focus on the environment, many people are looking into reducing their carbon footprint and being more environmentally responsible. For some, this may mean signing up for their local recycling program. For others, on a larger scale, this may mean building their next home or office with environmentally sound materials and/or procedures. JAG Metals cares about the environment and we are happy to produce sustainable steel buildings and building components that are environmentally friendly! Let’s take a look at a few reasons why steel building materials are superior to traditional materials when it comes to sustainability.


One of the most common ways we can help out our strained environment is to be vigilant about recycling items when possible. When we think of recycling, we think of giving new life to materials such as paper and plastic. Many people may not think that steel is also a recyclable material, but it definitely is! In fact, unlike other recyclable materials, steel is one of the few materials that doesn’t lose any of its natural properties during the recycling process, including its extreme resistance to heat and strength! Among its many preferred qualities, steel’s ability to be recycled is a major characteristic that lends itself well to sustainable building projects.

Longevity and Durability

Given its strength and rigidity, it’s not surprising that many people are turning to engineered steel buildings for both residential and commercial construction. Of all building materials, steel has the longest durability factor and lifespan. Lesser materials may be easily damaged by water, fire, wind, vermin, and/or insect infestation, whereas steel is either not susceptible and/or not easily damaged by any of these dangers. Metal roofs and buildings require minimal repair and/or replacement of panels or other components, which equates to less waste materials winding up in the landfill from steel building materials when compared to other building materials.

Replaces Other Natural Resources

Another inherent benefit to the longevity of steel building materials is the integral role they play in preserving some of our natural resources, like lumber. For example, it’s a fact that steel roofing systems can outlast average timber and asphalt shingle roofs given the difference in materials. However, did you know that, depending on the circumstances and maintenance, a steel roof can outlast a traditional roof by as much as three, four, or many more times over? Because of its longevity, less raw building materials are needed when you choose steel, reducing the amount of trees that are destroyed for replacement materials.

Energy Efficiency

Another feature that makes metal building materials a more sustainable option is how energy efficient they can be. When you choose steel building materials, you’re also making a decision to burn less gas and/or use less electrical energy to heat and cool your structure. The result is a smaller carbon footprint and greater lifespan efficiency when compared to other building materials. Painted or coated steel can easily reflect a good amount of UV rays. Additionally, the heat and energy that aren’t reflected are easily transferred from one area to another, heating the structure naturally. When properly insulated, metal structures also lose very little interior warmth. It’s estimated that owners of metal buildings can save anywhere up from 30 to 40 percent on their heating and cooling bills — who doesn’t want that? JAG Metals offers protective paint coatings available in many colors to aid in the energy efficiency of our engineered steel buildings.

JAG Metals understands that quality is important to you and we believe in providing only the most superior metal buildings and building components . We also take our duty to manufacture sustainable products while protecting our environment very seriously. If you’re looking into sustainable building materials for your next home or construction project, we hope you’ll consider JAG Metals as your partner in the process. Give us a call — we would love to help you build your dream home or office with sustainable materials!

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