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Need a Stable? Choose a Steel Structure!

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Are you an equine lover in Parker County looking to install a new stable on your residential or commercial property? Providing your horses with a secure and durable stable is imperative for the wellbeing of your horses, and there’s no better way to shelter them than in a steel structure from JAG Metals in Weatherford. We provide high-quality engineered metal buildings, components, and roofing materials that you can rest assured will stand the test of time, providing a sustainable and beautiful building options for your horses. Contact us today to learn more about metal barns and stables! In the meantime, check out how a steel building and components are perfect for your next stable!

Horse Stalls

As the main component of any stable, you want to ensure that you have the right number of stalls to accommodate the number of horses that you have. You also want to make sure that the stalls are big enough for the horse to move around in freely to avoid becoming cast. The last thing you want is for your horse to sustain an injury because of inadequate space. At JAG Metals, we’re happy to sit down and run some calculations with you to determine how much total square footage you need for your space.

Wash Stall

Horses can get dirty, and no stable is complete without a wash stall. Having a wash stall inside of your stable is wonderfully convenient and when you choose to build your stable out of steel or another metal, you won’t have to worry about issues such as mold, rot, or decay like you do with other building materials such as wood or vinyl. Once you’re done bathing your horse, simply spray down the walls to remove any stray dirt and debris that were left behind after the bathing process and leave the stall to dry. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Tack Room

Especially if your metal barn or stable is to house several horses, you’ll want to make sure you have a tack room that is large enough to store all of the saddles, bridles, and other items needed for riding. The interior walls of a metal stable are very easily customizable, allowing you to install everything from drywall to metal racks for proper tack storage and display. When your tack is stored and displayed properly, you can count on getting the most possible use out of your riding accessories.

Storage Areas

In addition to a storage space for tack, you’ll also benefit from additional storage for other items such as rugs, blankets, cleaning supplies, and other equipment. Metal structures from JAG Metals can easily be designed to accommodate one or several interior storage rooms for your equine equipment. If you’ll be storing hay in addition to your horses, it’s necessary to do so in a separate building to avoid the risk of fire. Whether you need interior storage rooms or a separate, detached storage building, our team will gladly work with you to ensure a smooth design process.

In addition to providing a strong, eco-friendly housing solution for your valuable horses, you can rest assured that you are getting the most bang for your buck when you go with a metal structure because they require little maintenance and are less susceptible to wear and tear when compared to traditional building materials. To learn more about how you can customize a metal building to suit your stable needs, check out our gallery and contact us today! We look forward to speaking with you!

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