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Why a Metal Building is Perfect for a Garage

By October 28, 2016 No Comments

jag_blog1If you have a large collection of cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, or farming equipment and you need a place to store all of them, look no further than one of Jag Metals’ metal buildings. At Jag Metals we construct only the highest quality PBR panels, custom metal trims, and bolt-up metal buildings that are the perfect solution to your vehicle storage problems. With a Jag Metals metal building you’ll be able to decide exactly what size and shape your building can be to not only meet your needs now but well into the future.

trianglepic11Our Metal Buildings Last

One of the most obvious, and most important, reasons to consider a new metal building to store your vehicles is that a metal building is built to last. The durability of metal is unmatched by almost any other building material, and at a much lower price than other kinds of buildings. Metal can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and extreme weather. And if something does happen to damage your metal building, it is exceptionally easy to replace the damaged panel.

In addition to the inherent qualities of metal that makes our buildings last, our faith in the strength and superior construction of our Jag Metals metal buildings is so great that we offer a 40 year limited warranty on our standard R panels, as well as other warranties on some of our other products.

trianglepic22Our Metal Buildings Are Versatile

Because our buildings start as ‘blank slates’ you’ll have many customizable options for your garage. Not only do you get to start with the color of your roof, the siding, and the trim (you can see how your building would look in real time with our color selector tool) but maybe you need a building that serves multiple functions, like vehicle and parts storage in one part and a space to work on your vehicles in another section of the building. With our metal buildings this is easy to accomplish. You can build walls and doors in our buildings just like you would with any other type of garage.

One benefit of building out different sections inside your metal building is to control the temperature of each room. While it might not matter what temperature it is for a storage room, your shop will need to be kept at a comfortable temperature so you’ll be able to work when it’s hot or cold without sweating or shivering uncontrollably. Thanks to the design of our metal panels, insulating one or more section of your building is simple and will save you money over time.

If a metal building sounds like a perfect option for your garage near Weatherford, give us a call at Jag Metals, LLC. We’d love to talk to you about what you need for your new building and how we can help make it a reality. We also have the ability to provide next day service if you need help right now. If you fill out our contact form, we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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