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Correcting Misconceptions About Metal Buildings

By October 31, 2016 No Comments

blog-image1As with anything else, people have preconceived notions about metal buildings. Maybe hearing the words “metal building” makes them think of poorly made sheds from decades past or unending rows of warehouse that are boring and bland and featureless. Just like everything else, metal buildings have continued to grow and change as technology has marched forward and as people’s tastes have changed. The metal buildings of today are incredibly customizable, made from the highest quality materials, and can make a great statement about your business while also being totally practical and cost-effective. Here at Jag Metals in Weatherford, we want to show you a few of the ways that metal buildings have been misjudged over the years and what we’re doing to change people’s minds.     

Metal Buildings Are Affordable, Not Cheap

Most of us probably have memories of a parent or neighbor’s old metal shed that sat rickety and discolored on a cheap wooden platform in the backyard. The sliding doors probably didn’t work that well because the little wheels attached to the panels kept coming off the tracks. Those doors seemed to be almost impossible to open, or impossible to close. While these sheds might not have been the best things ever, they did do a few things very well. It kept whatever was inside dry and out of the elements, and those sheds never just fell over; they took a beating and kept standing.

Modern metal buildings have all the good qualities of the old ones and a whole lot more to offer. Nowadays the quality of the materials and the methods used to manufacture the metal panels for metal buildings and roofs are much better than they used to be. Today’s panels are exceptionally strong and they are available in a bunch of different colors that not only help your building look the way you want it to, but that also help keep it from rusting as well as allowing it to stay at comfortable temperatures.

This large uptick in the quality and variety of choices also doesn’t carry a huge price tag. While the cost of other building materials like wood and drywall have continued to rise, sometimes dramatically, over the decades, the prices of metal buildings have remained fairly stable and much lower than other materials. Not only do the prices remain lower, but the amount of metal needed for a metal building is lower than the materials needed for other methods of building. It’s a no-lose situation to go with metal.

As you can see, metal buildings have come a long way. You don’t have to build in the sizes that a manufacturer gives you, and you can customize your building in ways that make your space distinctly yours (check out our color selection tool). The flexibility of being able to add onto the exterior of a metal building, or change the configuration of rooms inside the building, allow you to stay up to speed with the growth of your business.

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