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Things to Consider When You’re Designing a Metal Building

By December 15, 2016 No Comments

Maybe you’ve been thinking about expanding the building your business is housed in, or you need a new stable on your ranch. A metal building is the perfect solution for just about any building need. Not only are metal buildings strong, they’re also affordable. If you’ve just started considering what your new building might need, read on for some things to think about when it comes to your new metal building. Call JAG Metals today to find out how they can put together the best metal building for your needs.


How much of the metal building will need to be insulated so that it’s comfortable to be in all year round?

This might seem like a bit of a no-brainer, but you can save yourself some money if you take this into consideration. Obviously, if you are running an office full of people, you’ll need a fully insulated building. But if your new metal building is being built as a replacement for an outbuilding on your farm or ranch, or it will mostly be used for storage, you might not need to insulate the entire building. Instead, focus on insulating the parts of the building where you will be spending most of your time, or in areas where you might be storing things that could be damaged by prolonged extreme temperatures.

Is the size of the metal building perfect for right now, or is there room to expand?

This can be a hard question to answer definitively, but it’s an important one to consider before making a commitment. While everyone will probably need more space in the future, it can be hard to justify additional costs if it means there will be an empty part of your new metal building. However, the reason you’re considering a new building now is because you’ve run out of space. Don’t make the mistake of designing your new space to only fit all of the elements that exist now, because you could very quickly outgrow that new space. If you can’t add the extra space you’d like to right now, don’t worry: metal buildings are easily expandable. If you lay down another foundation you can build another metal building and connect them using doors or hallways.


What color do I want my metal building to be?

Maybe the color of your building hasn’t even crossed your mind yet, but there are several good reasons to think about it now. First, painting your metal building helps protect it from the elements. The sun, wind, and rain all cause damage to metal buildings by creating opportunities for rust to start or to spread. Rust then creates more room for the elements to get in, which destroys the energy efficiency of the building and can make your electric bills go up. Certain colors of paint also help reflect or absorb more light, which can help you save on energy bills depending on the season.

Second, choosing a color for your building is a great way to help your building feel more like your own space right away. At JAG Metals, we have an online color-selection tool where you can try out different combinations of colors for the walls, roof, and trim, for your metal building. You can even match the colors of your business’s logo!

If you’re ready to buy a metal building, or you still have questions about them, call or contact us at JAG Metals in Weatherford. We’d love to help you in any way we can, from a free consultation to more information about our 40-year limited warranty. We make the best metal buildings, metal siding, and metal trim around!

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