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Three Foundation Types for Your Metal Building

By June 23, 2016 No Comments

Foundations are necessary to secure your metal building against damage from the high winds that frequently batter the Fort Worth area during severe weather. However, there are a number of different foundation types that can be used for securing your metal building. Today, we’ll examine these foundation types to give you a better idea of your options prior to construction.


Slab On Grade

Slab on grade foundations are one of the most budget-friendly options available. These foundations are constructed as single sheets of concrete poured to be a few inches thick. At the edges of the foundation, the concrete is poured slightly thicker than across the rest of the foundation. This strengthens the foundation, reducing the risk of cracking or crumbling at the edge. Most often, slab on grade foundations are poured over  gravel beds for better drainage. These types of foundations are best used in areas where the ground does not freeze and are best for smaller structures like storage sheds.


Trench Footing

Trench footing foundations are more expensive than slab on grade foundations and require in-depth knowledge of your property’s soil conditions. This foundation relies on trenches being dug around the foundation site. The depth of the trenches will vary depending on soil type and conditions. Concrete is then poured into the trenches and over the rest of the foundation site. The trenches secure the foundation, making your building less susceptible to wind uplift and foundation damage.


Tie-rod and Hairpin

Tie-rod and hairpin foundations are similar to slab on grade, but are designed to give the structure more support and strength. The tie-rods and hairpins are set in the slab, giving it more tensile strength than concrete alone. This is a much more affordable option than trench footing foundations and is a distinct improvement over simple slab on grade foundations.

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