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JAG Metals LLC Donates CPR Kits to Weatherford Schools

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Of the 350,000 people who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital each year, only about 10% survive. However, immediate hands-only CPR can double, or even triple, survival rates. JAG Metals LLC, your trusted local metal building supplier is hoping to help increase those rates in our town of Weatherford, Texas by joining forces with the American Heart Association.

Why JAG Metals Chose CPR Kits

In conjunction with a new state law, and placing these CPR in schools kits—we are ensuring a generation who is more aware and prepared to administer bystander CPR at any time. “JAG Metals is always looking for ways to give back to our local community, and what better way than to invest in the future of Weatherford,” said Justin Bradley, President of JAG Metals.

Created by the American Heart Association, a trusted leader in heart health and education, the kit utilizes the latest science. Students practice on a manikin while watching skills performed correctly on the DVD, a research-proven way to learn and retain lifesaving CPR skills.

“I think it’s important to know in case the situation arises. Plus, the more people who know how to perform CPR, means the more people we can help,” said Joshua Mullins, PE Coach at Joe Tyson Middle School in Weatherford, TX.

JAG Metals and the American Heart Association want to equip all students and educators in Weatherford ISD to learn CPR, putting more qualified lifesavers in our community. “On behalf of everyone here at the American Heart Association, we want to say thank you to JAG Metals. It is because of you and your generosity that we are training the next generation of lifesavers right here in this room. We could have not done this without you,” said Hannah Webb, Development Specialist at the American Heart Association.

The CPR in Schools Training Kit is designed to be stress-free and specifically for educational environments and can be facilitated by anyone. The kit contains everything needed to train 10 to 20 students at once in CPR with the ability to repeat the process and train a whole new class, a grade – or even the entire Weatherford ISD  campus!

jag metals donates CPR kits to weatherford schoolCPR in Schools Training Kit includes:

  • 1 wheeled classroom carry bag

  • 10 Mini Anne Plus® inflatable manikins

  • 10 kneel mats

  • 10 individual carry bags

  • 5 practice-while-watching training DVDs

  • 1 hand pump for manikin inflation

  • 2 mesh collection and storage bags

  • 10 replacement airways

  • 50 manikin wipes

  • 10 replacement face masks

  • 10 AED training simulators

  • 1 Facilitator Binder that contains the lesson plan, pre-and- post-test, and additional supplementary material

  • 1 Facilitator Guide

Interested in working with us to make an impact within our local community? Contact JAG Metals LLC!

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