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5 Uses for Agricultural Metal Buildings

By April 11, 2018 No Comments

If your customer owns a farm or a large plot of land for agricultural use, they are likely looking to you for several buildings to accommodate everything from tools to livestock. Traditionally, landowners have relied on things like wood, stone, and other conventional building materials for their agricultural buildings, but these types of materials are not always as durable as agricultural metal buildings.

Agricultural Metal Buildings

At JAG Metals, we fabricate high-quality metal building components, many of which lend themselves perfectly to agricultural use! In this blog, we’ll touch on a few uses for agricultural metal buildings. If you’re interested in materials for your customer’s next engineered metal building, give us a call at 817-599-JAG1(5241).We’d love to help you out!

Barns and Stables

If your customer owns horses, pigs, or other livestock, they need a sturdy, reliable and safe place to store them, as well as keep them protected from the elements. With durable metal siding, a steel structure makes the perfect barn or stable for a customer’s farm animals. Depending on their needs and preferences, there are endless options for windows, doors, ventilation, and other features. You name it, we can supply it.

Machine Sheds

No farm is complete without a tractor, riding mower, hay baler, and other large equipment—just to name a few. When your customers invest in these kinds of large machines to maintain their land, they want to make sure the equipment is stored properly and protected it to keep it operating smoothly. A metal building makes the perfect machine shed for your large equipment, keeping it secure and dry for years to come.

Riding Arenas

For landowners who own horses, a metal building makes a wonderful riding arena for horses. Whether for pleasure or to prepare for the next competition, your customers will enjoy riding their horses in a covered place—rain or shine. The horse arena metal buildings can either be enclosed with metal siding panels, or open with internal beams. You could even add electrical and adequate ventilation to ensure your customer’s horses stay cool in the Texas summer heat.

Extra Storage

If your customer owns a large plot of land, then they also may be looking to you for a metal building for storage. With quality metal building supplies from JAG Metals, customers can store everything from hay and horse tack to shovels and gardening equipment. The structure can also be customized with interior doors and walls to allow for maximum convenience, ample storage space, and easy access to all of their stored belongings.

Covered Recreation Area

Living on and maintaining a farm is a lot of work! That’s why, your customer needs a place they can cut loose and have some fun—rain or shine. Whether it’s for their annual family reunion, carving pumpkins every Halloween, or just a nice spot indoor spot to relax after enjoying the outdoors, a metal building provides the perfect spot for almost activity. Customers love all the memories that can be made!

If you’re curious about more uses of agricultural metal buildings, contact the JAG Metals team today. We’d love to speak with you about your customer’s options for structure styles, metal siding, roofing, and other components. With more than 50 years of combined experience, you can rely on our family-operated business for all of your metal building supplier needs.

Call 817-599-JAG1(5241) or fill out our contact form to get started!

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